The Bogawantalawa Tea Estates family extends not just to our team and their families, but to the Ceylon Tea plantation communities around us as well. An inherent part of our ethos, we look to uplift the lives and livelihood of people through meaningful projects that have a long lasting impact. To meet this end we also partner with local grassroots and government organisations as well as NGOs.

We also support the Lanka Mother & Child Support Foundation, an NGO initially established in 2005 by our parent company Metrocorp and other business partners to help those affected by the devastating Tsunami of 2004.

Today, the focus and scope of this foundation have grown to encompass all mothers and children affected by poverty and lack of resources, with a special emphasis on tea plantation communities and those who are disabled. Through continual and sustained initiatives focusing on education, medical assistance, nutrition and community awareness, we hope to keep making a difference in people’s lives.

Educational Sponsorships

Creating a better tomorrow starts with good education for the Children today. Bogawantalawa implements various educational support programs within the estates and beyond its borders to motivate and support children attain their goals in education

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The Disability Management Project

Commenced in March 2015 with the sponsorship of Sligro partnering with Liliane Fonds, the project focuses upon developing the human resources required to manage the disabled children and their families in the Golden Valley. This program now supports the development of 136 children identified within 11 estates managed managed by Bogawantalawa in the Valley.

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Medical Assistance

With the assistants of the state medical services, dedicated team of Estate Medical Assistants, Child development officers and NGOs, Bogawantalawa conducts various medical and nutrition programs for the benefit of its employees and estate community.

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Community Awareness

For any positive change to be implemented successfully, the support of the entire community is vital. In this regard the company implements many community awareness programs on disability, health, nutrition, childcare, child protection, career guidance and many more from time to time in the estates managed by Bogawantalawa.

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