Our Expertise

We want you to experience the true mystique of Ceylon Tea; every sip not only brings with it unique flavours, but takes you back to the mystical valley where each tea bud and leaf are lovingly nurtured.

  • Bogawantalawa produces the finest collection of all-round carbon neutral teas with complete traceability to its exquisite estates.
  • The microclimatic conditions created by the elevation ranging from 4000 to 6000 feet, gives the teas a unique character that is true to its origin.
  • Each tealeaf and a bud are carefully handpicked by harvesters who have gained there knowledge passed down through generations old as 150 years.
  • The state of the art equipment and expertise offer a wide range of teas that are ethically sourced with the highest level of sustainability.
  • Being a fully-fledged vertically integrated tea company we are able to offer Teas direct from our exquisite estate with no intermediaries.
  • Over 500 blends have been perfected to suit the global market by our expert tea tasters and master blenders who have gained their knowledge through years of experience.


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