Leading the way in sustainability, Bogawantalawa is now in the process of expanding the Solar power generation capacity to augmenting its balance sheets. Having already achieved “Net Zero Energy” status in 2019, the company will be continuing the 3rd phase of its initiative to generate 1.6 MW of renewable energy via converting to State-of-the-art Solar powered rooftops at all manufacturing plants in the Tea Estates and the packaging plant in Colombo.

As a company going beyond Carbon Neutrality, Bogawantalawa became the 1st Tea growing, manufacturing and marketing company to offer ‘Uncompensated Climate positive Teas’ certified for product and facility. With the expansion of the renewable energy initiative the company will be able to additionally sink 1500 metric tons equivalent of Carbon dioxide per annum strengthening its position furthermore.

The group chairman Mr. Dinesh Ambani quoted ‘As passionate growers with sustainability at heart, we continue to relentlessly pursue our mission to raise the bar while conforming to the principals of sustainable food to provide the ultimate value to our discerning customers and ensure sustainable management of our natural resources and eco systems’.