Educational Sponsorships

The Alma Girls

The project began with supporting 7 girls from Matara, who lost their parents to the tragic Tsunami in 2005. Education sponsor ship is being provided till they turn 18 year old in order for them to complete their schooling knowing that there are others who care about their wellbeing. Commenced in the year 2005, today after 12 years of continues support, there are another 2 girls remaining who will completing their Advanced Level examinations by the year 2017. The ALMA Tetra Pak Company has provided their continued support for the selected girls from day one to date.

The Haglind Excursion

Haglind excursion for the year 2016 was successfully held on the 18th of June for the 2nd consecutive year where the children who have passed their grade 5 scholarship examination and grade 11 GCE Ordinary Level examination were selected and taken on a tour as an encouragement to continue to do well in their education.
We had only 55 students in the year 2015 and this year the number increased to 97 Children. The selected children from all 11 upcountry estates were carefully accompanied by the Welfare officers and brought to Colombo to visit the National Zoo, Independence square, Arcade Mall, City tour and Galle Face. Breakfast, Lunch & dinner were provided along with snacks in the morning and evening. Further, a mathematical instrument box was gifted to them at the end of the tour which will also be useful for their school activities. It was seen that the children were safely handed over to their parents at the end of the excursion.

Kids Can Code – March 2017

“Kids can code” is an IT cum learning motivational program organized for the children in the Estates who are deprived of this kind of educational exposure workshops. The event took place successfully on the 11th of March 2017 where 30 children from Osborne and Loinorn Estates participated. The objective of conducting such an event was to provide the opportunity for the children to learn the basics of Information Technology, computers and bit of coding as well coupled with some fun activities. The children who hadn’t even used a computer before performed very well during this session conducted by Exilesoft Pvt Ltd.

All Inclusive Model Adopted In Child Development Centres – A Special Place To Learn For The Disabled Children

In order to practice an all-inclusive Child Development centre model, Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation facilitated the upgrading of the existing child development centres partnering with one of the key buyers of Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC. Equipped by MENCAFEP, four Sensorial rooms were established for the purpose of training, guiding and improving the differently abled Children in the Golden Valley. The Sensorial teachings provided here will enable the children to improve their hand, eye and brain coordination activities by awakening their senses through touch, feel and coordination improvement exercises. We hope to improve as many Child Development centres to accommodate the learning process of these children.