Community Awareness

Consultation workshop for the community on Disability

A Consultation Workshops are being conducted from time to time from year 2015 for the communities in both Bogawantalawa and Dickoya region. The main propose of this activity is to discuss the current issues faced in relation to disable children and to spread awareness on disability management and solutions / resources that were available in the vicinity of this community.

The motive behind this activity is to enlighten the community on treating the disabled equally and proving equal opportunities for them. Further, to enlighten them on the free services and resources available within their reach and as a community to help us uplift the lives of the disabled children in this society.


Improving Wellbeing In The Estate Population Via Alcohol And Drug Reduction Program

This is a program to raise awareness among the community on ways the usage of alcohol disrupting their personal and family wellbeing.  Initiated by Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation and Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC this project is being implemented by AIDC Sri Lanka.

AIDC and BTE PLC has entered into an MOU to conduct a 5 year alcohol and drug reduction program in 4 estates, namely: Norwood, Osborne, Lethenty and Wanarajah. The project involves frequent interventions through the said estate community, youth, children, men, women and consumers. The main goal of this effort is to improve the physical & psychological well-being of the estate community via reducing their alcohol consumption which will in turn benefit the organization as well. The project officially commenced on the 21st of March 2017 with the baseline survey.

Project objectives

  • Improve the health standard of the working population
  • Reduce the overall consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce domestic violence and ineptness
  • Improve economic and social status of the workers families.
  • Reduce worker management conflicts.
  • Increase the labour productivity and family income.


World Environmental Day – June 2016

Awareness programme on social forestry was conducted for students of Sripada College & St. Gabriails College in Hatton and planting of fruit bearing plants was conducted with the participation of school students and staff members, at school premises. Further, 10 fruit plants were planted in every plantation executives’ bungalows and selected worker quarters on 5th June, 2016 to celebrate the World Environmental Day – 2016.

On request of Dick Oya Base Hospital Development Committee (DHDC), fruit plants were planted in the Hospital premises as well with the participation of Medical Superintend, Doctors, Members of DHDC, Plantation Executives, School Children and few community members. Maintenance of these plants will be done by the Sustainability and Research & Development Division of Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC. An awareness programme was also conducted for school children on social forestry activities during this event.