The Valley of Finest Tea in Sri Lanka

Facing the Eastern slopes of the choicest tea growing region of Sri Lanka, “Bogawantalawa” well known as the “Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea” has been the home of the finest Ceylon Tea since 1869. The pioneering Scottish Planters were drawn to this valley for its unique terroir that is best suited for high-quality leaf. With over 150 years of expertise and heritage, the passion for tea is continued by us as one of the single largest producers of tea in Sri Lanka.

Preserving the environment while combating climate change and uplifting the lives of the tea harvesters is an integral part of our company. True to our motto of being “Passionate Growers with sustainability at heart”, we have made it the way of life here in Bogawantalawa.

We bring you the finest teas meticulously crafted to perfection revealing its true origin in every sip…!


Based above a pristine lake, Norwood Estate lays tucked away along the ridge of Bogawantalawa. Situated at an elevation of 4,580 feet above sea level, the tea fields of Norwood is blessed with ideal microclimatic conditions and perfect terroir for fine quality leaf. It is notable that Norwood’s very own N2 cultivar adds to its unique character in Tea.

Nurtured with biodynamic farming methods, the organic fields are located adjacent to pristine forestlands which ensures no contamination from any polluters that ensures the purest form of True Organic Teas.

Norwood Green Tea is produced preserving the goodness of the crisp green leaves specially handpicked during selective morning hours, that contributes to its mellow and soothing liquor with hints of nutty flavour and herbal aroma.

The Norwood Black Tea produces a signature cup that is reddish and bright with a golden hue, smooth on pallet with a revitalizing aroma best enjoyed in its pure state.


Bridwell lays tucked away within the plains towards the east of the Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea.

Specially handpicked these pristine leaves derive its unique character owing to its locality. Situated at an elevation of 4300 feet experiencing two monsoons, the microclimate created within the mountains adds to its novelty.

Rich in flavour, Bridwell Teas produces a full bodied liquor that is cherry red, sits deep in cup and robust on palate throughout the year. The unrivalled characteristics of this Tea makes it ideal for a single estate English Breakfast Tea to take with milk or honey.


Located in the upper reaches of the Golden Valley – Fetteresso Estate is surrounded by pristine rainforests that extend up to Horton Plains, a World Heritage Site.

The rocky terrain and cool microclimatic condition aids in fine green leaf quality while the oxidisation process at an elevation of 4,970 feet adds to its novelty. The black Teas from Fettersso creates a sparkling red liquor with a golden hue with medium strength, rich in flavour and aroma. This splendid Tea with hints of floral undernotes is rejuvenating and best drunk neat.

The unfurled delicate tea bud still covered by a fine white coat from a special type of cultivar kwon as 2042 is carefully handpicked only during early morning hours at springtime to produce exceptional Silver and Golden tip teas. Available only in very limited quantity, these fine long silver and golden needles are unmatched, producing an exquisite aromatic liquor, smooth and mellow in texture with hints of sweet honeydew notes at the end.


‘Kotiyaglla’ produces the most luscious orthodox teas with a rich heritage of over 150 years. Dating back to 1843, Kotiyagalla Estate was the site of the very first Tea factory in the Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea.

The pioneering Scottish Tea Planters particularly choose this estate for its rich soil and perfect microclimatic conditions created by the knolls, flowing springs and peak wilderness in its environs.

Its pristine leaf quality and unparalleled character produces a full bodied liquor that is reddish in cup with a coppery hue that is brisk on palate and rich in flavour and aroma. An ideal cup for a strong  morning refresher and best enjoyed with milk.


Well known for its inimitable positioning in the Golden Valley of Ceylon tea, Loinorn Estate is located at an elevation of 5330 feet above sea level laying at the border of the world rewound montane forests reserves and pristine Horton Plains grasslands.

In this estate lays ‘Field 17’ that is uniquely cocooned amongst the cool blend of easterly winds from the Himalays and southwest monsoon created by the Mascarene-high contributes to the unsurpassed character of the teas from this particular turf.

Delicate on the palate and best drunk neat, these exquisite teas produces a light liquor that is golden amber with hints of floral notes and a soothing aroma unlike any other.


Surrounded by plains and peak wilderness, the tea from Tientsin inherits its special characteristics from its ancestral origin. Sourced from Tientsin division of Bogawantalawa Estate – named after a village in China, these exceptional Teas originates from the seedlings brought from this village over 150 years ago.

Unlike commonly found Teas in Sri Lanka, the leaves of these Tea bushes are smaller in size and delicate beyond the 2 leaf and a bud. A marriage between the Chinese origin and Ceylon character formed well over the century with the microclimatic conditions and rich soil quality of the Golden Valley creates an exceptional cup like no other.

Best dunk neat, this Tea produces a sparkling liquor that is amber-red with a balanced body and smooth distinctive earthy flavour. Perfect dunk neat and can be taken with milk or honey as well.